Glory Star International Limited was created in 1993 by a couple of French people already in profession in France. Our strength is to produce sophisticated products which have already covered many Europeans countries, USA, Japan, Australia,…by offering our “savoir-faire” to famous well known brands. Glory Star also manufactures swimwear and night wear coordinated with corsetry.
Our head quarter and show room is strategically located in Hong Kong (heart of Asian fashion industry), our design and sales teams allow friendly and close coordination between customers and suppliers.
In 2000, Glory Star privately owned production site is established in Xin Hui town, in district of Jiang Men, (Guang Dong Province) and since with a consistent growth year after year, the factory will have by mid of 2009 triple his superficies.
1993: Glory Star International Limited
established his head quarter with show
room in Kowloon bay, Hong Kong .
2000: Glory star expend in China by opening his own factory Glory Star (Xin Hui) International
garment LTD, strong with 400 employees & workers at the factory.
Hong Kong office recruits more merchandisers to reinforce coordination with customer.
2003: Factory plan continue to expend by double his capacity and space with construction of new adjacent
building at the existing one.
Hong Kong Head office feels also confidence by expending his office in superficies and
stronger of 30 staffs.
2008: Still Glory star is on a roll and needs more space in 2008. Project plans of new
building in same area with the opening in coming June 2009.

If since 1993, glory star succeeds greatly, it owe to his great varieties of collection, colorful samples introduced into the show room. Not only few items per season but along the whole year, new shapes will find his place and provide continiously new ideas to any customer visiting us, who appreciate forehead ranges already made.
Also, it owe to his close understanding on customer’s mentality, need and quality as origin from same part of the world. It makes friendly communication and respectful relation from once. It is also to approach customer one by one and serve each as unic in order to respons better at their demands.
In last, it owe to his customers with whom over than 10 years today, still continue to be partners. Their success made ours and it is like this, principle of partnership and businness should be.
We understood since years, fit on & off the body, product quality, good service is keys for to succeed too. New challenges are on our doors every day and ready to serve our customers as their success will be our success.